Resistance Protocols

Our mission

We provide our readers with efficiently-packed information about how to fix their life and become a valuable part of a healthy community.

Why you should bookmark our website

Our theory deals primarily with what you, the reader of the Resistance Protocols, can do. We don't waste your precious time with countless names and years as intellectuals do.

Why we are dissidents

Our governments are full of people who despise what it means to be human. They (extinctionists) want to enslave all of humanity and fully replace human species with machine species. Piece by piece until there is nothing human left.

Self-improvement & virtue

The present-day techno-industrial environment is not the kind of environment for which we humans have evolved. A human being is not meant to be a cog in the machine. The discrepancy between the environment we live in, and the environment for which our biology has equipped us, is bad and getting worse. Our instincts are not a suitable guide for the modern environment. This website exists to provide guidance for surviving and thriving in our present circumstances.

Accumulationism > Activism

We do not believe that a hysteric feminist who can't even manage her own weight can fix society. We do not believe that a depressed, lonely inhabitant of his mother's basement can fix society. We do want to fix society, but we insist it can only be done by well-functioning communities. Not by disorganized loser mobs shouting in the streets.