Resistance Protocols


For those who care about the future generations

Our Bioconservative Metaphysicslanguage
The First Step (Solving Large-Scale Problems)language
Letter to people who gave uplanguage
Letter to those trying to awaken the masseslanguage
Industrial society and its futureaudiotrackdescription
Introduction to bioconservatismlanguage
Kaczynski's case for bioconservatismlanguage
The system's neatest trickaudiotrackdescription
Ultimate guide to accumulationismlanguage
Antitainment Manifestolanguage
Accumulationism properlanguage
Digital IDlanguage
The CIA's influence on the medialanguage

We need your help to gather all the conspiracy facts! If there is any official narrative that you believe to be false, please make a document that starts with a list of claims from the mainstream media, links to those claims, and links to articles that debunk them.

For leaders, advisors and writers

Yuuki's Iron Lawlanguage
For deflecting rebellion, manipulation is more effective than forcelanguage
Legislative frog-boilinglanguage
Why a new bill of rights wouldn't solve the problemlanguage