Resistance Protocols

Accumulationist case against agorism

1. Living off the grid is a luxury. Your personal decision to live off the grid does not in any way harm the technological system. There were always people living off the grid, and the technological system grew regardless. I am not at all against backyard farming, but I insist that it is a hobby, a pastime, something we do just to maintain our sanity and health. It is not something that’s dealing damage to the technological system. 2. The technological system has been growing for many centuries, and it still growing. It is in its nature to always expand. The amount of territory it occupies, the amount of control it has over the territory it occupies, and the percentage of people living under it have been growing for many centuries, and are still growing. At the same time, the amount of wild nature and land on which humans can live without paying taxes is decreasing. There is no good reason to assume that this process will stop anytime soon. Ted Kaczynski made a good case for why the system is likely to eventually fall, but there is nothing in his argument that would imply that this fall won’t happen centuries after humans are already extinct. Furthermore, the longer the technological system is alive, the more permanent damage to mother nature will accumulate. Rather than passively waiting for the technological system to die on its own, we should make preparations to deliver a finishing blow when it enters a moment of weakness, to ensure that it won’t recover. 3. As stated in the UN document titled Agenda 21, people who are in charge are planning to keep removing people from rural areas and concentrating them in cities. You can’t stop this process just by showing people how nice it is to live off the grid. Governments will definitely use property tax or poll tax to progressively make life harder for people living in rural areas. 4. Another important consideration is that the guckreat (lab-grown replica of meat) industry is growing rapidly, and in order to expand its market share, it will finance narratives about how unsafe meat from independent farmers is, and how much the independent farmers are polluting the environment. There is even a possibility that there will be a pandemic narrative with a virus that is spread by animals. Governments will promptly seize this opportunity to seize some of the animals from independent farmers, or even kick them off their land and give them poor financial compensation. Something like this is already happening in the Netherlands, and is very likely to happen elsewhere as early as 2023. 5. It is not morality, but stupidity to play fair against known cheaters. The system is pillaging you, and will continue to pillage you. Agorist ethics are fine to practice towards other agorists. But when you get an opportunity to take something from the system and get away with it, you absolutely should. It is a virtuous act to pillage resources from the system that is using them to bring harm to your people. 6. Trade alone, without means of production, doesn’t produce goods. The system possesses means of production which were refined by the joint efforts of countless geniuses over the span of hundreds of years. Growing carrots in your backyard, as agorists encourage you to do, might enable you to trade in a parallel economy, but the amount of taxes you would avoid by trading like this is negligible, compared to the amount of time you would be spending. Growing carrots in your backyard is an extremely primitive and inefficient way of carrot production. If you enjoy this activity, I encourage you to use it as your pastime, but the yield is too low for this to be a worthwhile investment of your worktime. In order for us to defeat the system at some point, we must spend our working hours efficiently. 7. Selling cannabis and other illicit substances, without being covered up by corrupt government officials, as many agorists encourage you to do, is becoming increasingly dangerous. As mass surveillance technology advances, including satellite images and technology for facial recognition, the government has an increasing ability to track your location and movement. As you are a dissident, the establishment already dislikes you. By selling cannabis and other illicit substances, you are giving them an excuse to put you in prison. They might even get you killed by passing information about you to a local gang that is willing to use violence to secure a monopoly over a certain territory. I am not suggesting that dissidents should categorically abstain from selling cannabis and other illicit substances, but that such behavior should be kept to a very specific set of circumstances. 8. The atmosphere in villages is hypnotizingly relaxing. It makes people slothful and carefree. Out of sight, out of mind – When people are living peaceful and comfortable life, without getting on the internet their daily reminder of how bad things really are, and being many miles away from the modern world, they lose their vigilance. They forget that they are in a war against the system that is trying to destroy them and their environment. 9. Communities are held together by external pressures. Living in a village will inevitably result either in everyone doing their own thing or in petty infighting. For a community to stay cohesive, a narrative about how the community might get attacked at some unknown year in the future is not enough. A cohesive community can only be built in wild nature or in an area populated densely enough for intergroup tensions to be constantly perceivable. So what alternative do accumulationists advocate? What accumulationists advocate is not physical distancing, but the spiritual distancing from the technological system. Abstinence from mainstream music, mainstream entertainment, and mainstream news sources. Building cohesive communities. When the technological system enters its moment of weakness, it will not be possible to deliver the finishing blow by hitting its “organs” with sticks and stones. Its weak spots will have to be hit with other pieces of technology. So we can’t afford to develop irrational fears about coming in contact with any piece of technology. In order to win, we must develop resilience to the system’s propaganda. We must be able to use the pieces of technology that serve our purposes, while abstaining from the pieces of technology that are detrimental to our purposes.
written by: useR Askenyan