Resistance Protocols

Accumulationism proper

The basic concept of accumulationism is easy to understand. The change would happen in a certain way even if we the dissidents stood back and did nothing. We have a limited amount of resources with which we can influence the way society is changing. So we should spend our resources prudently. We should carefully think through what our priorities should be, instead of spending our resources in a knee-jerk manner. Sometimes we won’t have enough resources to meaningfully impact the way society is changing, in which case we should accumulate resources necessary for exerting influence, without spending them for the time being. If the people in power are satisfied with the direction the society is changing in, then the only thing that makes sense to prioritize is putting better people in power. If you spend your resources on getting the establishment to adopt a particular policy, they might do it but then you are out of resources and they still have power. The power which you know they will use to continue changing society in the direction that you dislike. But while there are plenty of people who understand the basic concept, it appears that (as of the moment of writing this), very few people understand what proper accumulationist praxis entails. This article is not intended to convince non-accumulationists of why this ideology is good. It is intended to help accumulationists do their accumulationism properly, by providing a checklist of tactics that are logical conclusions from the accumulationist theory. 1. Detach your identity from mainstream society. To borrow the phrasing from Jesus, “Be in this world, but not part of it”. Never correlate your well-being with the well-being of “the west” or with the wellbeing of your country. Establishment people never asked you where you want society to go. You might have voted, but the elected politician for the most part did what the establishment people wanted, not what his voters wanted. Moreover, you never signed up for society to go in the direction in which it is currently going. So if we use a ship as a metaphor for society, never think of yourself as a crew member. Think of yourself as a hostage on a ship controlled by evil pirates. The ship is slowly sinking, but it makes no sense for you to be repairing it at the moment. Because the ship is run by pirates who want it to slowly sink. If you try to repair the ship against the will of those who are in charge of it, then they will punish you and revert the small changes you made. There are only two rational choices in this situation – take over the ship or build a boat. 2. Join or make a team (a local community with a defined purpose). If you try to take over the ship controlled by evil pirates, you better have some allies who can fight. Pirates are just too numerous and too well-armed for one person to take on alone. If you try to build a boat, building a one-person boat by yourself is a theoretical possibility, but it is not a good option. The sail is going to be long. You might spend years, or even decades before you reach the shore. So if you build a one-person boat, then you are in for lonely life and you will probably fail to reproduce. Furthermore, the smaller the boat, the less control it can exert over its movement. A big ship can sail across the ocean, but a small boat is practically at the mercy of the waves. 3. Be selective about teammates. There is no strength in numbers without unity and competence. You don’t need in your team anyone who would call the pirates on you and detail them your naughty behaviors. You are in a very delicate situation, and can’t afford to deal with imbeciles. The amount of time you would need to spend managing them is just not worth the amount of contribution that they can make. 4. Stay under the radar and use leverage. Staying under the radar means to not needlessly attract the attention of the pirates. You don’t want them to perceive what you are doing as important. The less they take notice of your activities, the better. Using leverage means providing goods and services to corrupt pirate individuals in exchange for them protecting you from other pirates. Between these two, never chose one or the other. You have to do both. When your team is small and with few resources, it’s gonna be more of staying under the radar. When your team is big and with a lot of resources, it’s gonna be more using leverage. 5. Even if you want to take over the ship at some point, your team should build a boat. Suppose at some point you manage to take over the ship. Then you would realize the ship is too big and too damaged for you to run it alone, and teammates who helped you in the fight against pirates don’t know how to run a ship. That’s why it’s of crucial importance to build a boat with your team, and to build it as big as possible. Running the big ship is going to be more difficult than running a boat, but your teammates will have some practical experience and would have already figured out who is best suited for which role. Furthermore, when you attempt to take over the ship, if the other hostages believe that no one would be able to run the ship without the pirate establishment, then they will likely obstruct you. But if other hostages know that your own team has built an interesting boat and is able to operate it, then they will likely stand aside or help when you try to take over the ship. 6. If you want to take over the ship, prepare until the time is right. Never attempt to take over the ship while the pirates are at their strongest. They have both the numbers and better weapons. If you try to take over the ship and fail, the consequences for you and your team will be catastrophic. The attempt to take over the ship has to be timed right in order to succeed. And the right timing is towards the end of a long crisis. This long crisis can be either war against another pirate ship or a food shortage. Never attempt to take over the ship at the beginning of the crisis. At the beginning of a crisis, the pirates are still fresh and brimming with confidence. If your preparations are done, don’t wait for the long crisis to be fully resolved to attempt to take over the ship. Seeing the long crisis resolved would boost the morale of the pirates, and allow them to give you their full attention. The right timing is when the pirates are already worn down by a long crisis, and the hope for the crisis to end is on the horizon, but with your attempt to take over the ship, the hope of crisis resolving slips out of hand. Notice that I used the word “prepare”, as opposed to the word “wait” until the time is right. There is no time to laze around. The opportunity will present itself, but you need people, tools and resources prepared in order to seize that opportunity. 7. Divide to conquer. The more united the pirates are, the bolder will they be at regulating your behavior. And as your team grows bigger and more abundant in tools and resources, more interested will pirates become in regulating your behavior. So once your team has grown strong, In order to keep the pirate establishment out of your business, you should covertly encourage factional conflict among the pirates. The deeper one pirate faction’s conflict with the other, the more will they be willing to give you in exchange for your temporary support. 8. Grow your team and establish good relations with other hostage teams To build a sizable boat, you will need various resources and skills. Extra pair of competent helping hands are always welcome too. Avoid purity-spiraling and unnecessary conflicts with other hostage teams. Whatever grudges you have against them, there will be plenty of time to resolve after you all escape from the pirates. 9. Accumulate tools and resources Ship metaphor aside, what exactly are resources that accumulationists should be accumulating? Locally, it is money, means of food production, sources of drinking water, weapons, and means of transportation. Online, it is essential knowledge libraries, channels of communication, songs, and dictionaries. 10. If you live in a particularly bad area, migrate. Green passports are coming to all countries. Sometime between 2024 and 2027, people who live in culturally progressive cities will become unable to shop or travel without complying with the latest government mandate. Mass surveillance by the government will significantly expand. If you homestead, keep in mind that many countries in the West are already increasing restrictions on food-producing animals. If you live in a progressive city, escape before it’s too late. For English speakers, the best places to move to are red counties in red states in the USA. The USA has many problems, but it still contains by far, the most liberty-loving people than any country on Earth. Also, its constitution provides a great deal of autonomy to states and counties, which makes it unique and ideal for dissidents.
written by: useR Yuukimaru