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UN Urges Governments and Platforms To Implement Its Guidelines For Censoring “Misinformation,” and “Hate”

In UN’s high level meeting held on September 20th 2023, UN Secretary-General António Guterres urged governments and online platforms to implement guidelines designed to censor content that is designated as “misinformation, disinformation,” and, “hate.” He would like countries around the world to commit to implementing what the UN calls its pandemic accord by May 2024. Guterres called on governments to dedicate more taxpayer money toward WHO – so that these contributions can cover half of the agency’s budget, and also, support “the proposed investment round.” The UN chief then proceeded to lay out the organization’s plans “for the next pandemic,” and divided them into three areas of key importance. “Sustainable development”, “misinformation”, and “responding to complex global shocks” The term “hate” then appears seemingly out of nowhere in the “misinformation” portion of his address, as he proposes that countries accept the UN’s “framework for an international response to disinformation and hate.” The recommendations from the framework can be found in the organization’s policy brief “on information integrity on digital platforms.” The purpose of the brief is to “power” a future UN Code of Conduct for Information Integrity on Digital Platforms – and Guterres somewhat oddly remarks that the UN “hopes” governments and platforms will implement it voluntarily.But he didn’t go into what the alternative to voluntary implementation might be. “We are developing the Code ahead of the Summit of the Future next year, and I urge all countries to engage in these important efforts,” is all Guterres had to add on this subject. Resistance Protocols is fighting against censorship, to preserve and expand free speech online. If you would like to If you would like to cooperate or contribute, use the 1st link on the Contact page. Sources: