Resistance Protocols

Yuuki's Iron Law

'An organization that genuinely fights for the rights of [everyone] or [a group of people out of which many are not useful to it], is bound to get outcompeted by some organization that fights only for the rights of the people useful to it.' Reason 1: For a government to grant its request, it has to be a strong organization making the request, Hence each person will reason that their personal contribution won't make a difference as to organization's success or failuire, and that if organization succeeds he will get his rights regardless of having not contributed, and hence will be disincentivized to contribute. Reason 2: For a government to grant rights to large number of people, is more costly than granting rights to smaller number of people. Since establishment needs to appease only limited number of organizations in order to keep its control of the government, it will grant request only to organizations which have lower demands - the ones who demand rights for the smaller number of people.