Resistance Protocols

Letter to those trying to awaken the masses

Here is why spending your time on the masses might not be the most effective way to spend it: - They are uninterested in large-scale problems. They can't even solve petty personal problems such as bad diet, alcoholism, porn addiction, etc. - They are uninterested in that which doesn't bring them immediate benefits. They don't plan for things that might happen 5 or 10 years ahead. They often don't even care about what's gonna happen next week and live every day as irresponsibility as if it was their last one. - They are slow learners. Politics are complicated. For a person of slightly below average intelligence, it might take hundred hours to wrap their mind around something that you have understood in 2 hours. - They are lazy and cowardly. Even if you manage to make them understand what the problems are, they might still not do anything about it, and go on about their life as if they didn't know it. - They are incompetent. Even in the unlikely scenario where they understood the problems, and are willing to put in the necessary effort, they will be making lots of mistakes, asking you lots of dumb questions, and finally producing poor results. To our knowledge, in history, there has never been a case of “mass awakening”. All successful revolutions that we are aware of, were coordinated either by a faction within local ruling class or by a foreign government.