Resistance Protocols


The human race is facing a great disaster. We are on track to be increasingly subjected to indignities, and we are on track to become extinct. It is of course possible for a human being to live as a passive observer. To follow the path of least resistance. To be moved around like a leaf by the wind. To watch life like a movie. But we will do no such thing! We have perceived a great threat, and we will react to it. Our motivation is the primal need to survive and protect our young. We feel the same way as a rabbit being chased by a dog and making a run for its life. We feel the same way as a buffalo mama whose child is being attacked by hyenas. There are multiple problems that carry a tiny risk to wipe out the human race within the next two centuries, such as a nuclear war or a climate catastrophe. But at present, those outcomes appear unlikely. They are but remote possibilities. When we claim that the human race is on the brink of extinction, what we are talking about is not some remote possibility, but a very likely outcome, a vivid and logical endpoint of the road on which humanity currently finds itself. The greatest threat to the survival of the human race is our piecemeal replacement. We are about to get modified out of existence by the Techno-Industrial System (TIS). There is currently no one human individual or organization that can control the behavior of the TIS. Its behavior is largely driven by the objective forces of efficiency. The TIS has already gone a long way in domesticating and toolifying human beings. The majority of humans today are dependent on the TIS for their survival, and the TIS is currently dependent on humans for its maintenance and growth. However, for most of humanity’s history, no human beings were dependent on it. The dependency of humans on the TIS has been growing for a while, and will continue to grow for the foreseeable future. On the other side, the dependency of the TIS on humans has been decreasing for a while, and will continue to decrease for the foreseeable future. When the TIS was in its infancy, there was absolutely no task that it could complete on its own. Every piece of technology required a human being to operate it. As time went on, the number of tasks the TIS could perform on its own has increased, and will continue to increase for the foreseeable future. More and more tasks will get automated. Since our dependency on the TIS is growing, and its dependency on us is decreasing, now is a better time than ever to ask the following questions – What will happen to us regular humans once the TIS no longer needs us? Interestingly, both the people who are the biggest fans of the TIS, and the people who hate it, have the exact same answer to this question – Regular humans will get modified out of existence. The TIS is already modifying the majority of humans psychologically, through TV, social media, and such. It is already modifying some humans chemically, through birth control pills, anti-depressants, etc. And it has recently started to modify human beings genetically, through the so-called “gene therapy”. Where exactly is the line drawn between the part of humans that the TIS is allowed to modify to make human beings better at performing tasks, and the part of humans that the TIS is never allowed to touch? – We claim that there is no such a line. The TIS regards every part of human beings as something that it can modify for its own purposes. All the people who want to at the very least halt the genetic modification of human beings, we will call bioconservatives. And our ideology we will call bioconservatism.