Resistance Protocols

Our Bioconservative Metaphysics

We believe, that some things are true regardless of anyone's personal preferences and regardless if anyone is looking in a particular direction. We reject the new agey nonsense about reality being shaped directly by the opinions of the observer. We reject the postmodernist nonsense about everything being a social convention. All measurements are relative and independent of preferences. A haystack is likely to burn relative to a rock. An adult mouse is small relative to an elephant. But these relations exist objectively, regardless of what anyone’s preferences might be. Also, the world doesn’t stop moving when we close our eyes and ears. We understand that the new agey and the postmodernist nonsense might provide pain relief to some people, and we wholeheartedly reject it. Because anesthesia does not remove the danger. Our goal is not to dampen our senses. Our goal is to survive. It is not possible to choose both means and ends. If one chooses his means, then results will be decided by objective consequences of the means chosen. If one chooses his ends, then he can only strive to apply the most appropriate means. For example, if you choose to jump in a river, then you can’t also choose to stay dry. If you choose to put your hand in the fire, then you can’t also choose to not get burned. Once you decide on a particular course of action, then the objective consequences of those actions will happen. Likewise, when you choose a particular goal, then you can’t also choose any means. Once you decide on a particular goal, then you must use the means that are objectively appropriate for achieving it. For example, if you decide to satiate your hunger and get your nutrients, then you can’t also choose to use jumping in air as your means. You have to choose eating as your means. Because that means is objectively appropriate. Our goal is the survival of the human race. It is only possible to achieve a goal by applying the means that are objectively appropriate. As we are serious about achieving our goal, we must not allow ourselves to act completely on personal whims. If each bioconservative individual were to act in a spontaneous way, then humanity would get modified out of existence. What is necessary for our survival is purposeful action. We need to spend a certain amount of time, engaging in rationally planned behaviors, which objectively produce the results we want. We will, like every other human being, be spending some time on resting and some time on playing. But we must reserve a portion of our time for bioconservative activism. And during the time reserved for bioconservative activism, we will not play. We will do what works. At times, it might be boring, exhausting or otherwise uncomfortable, but we will stick to behaving in a way that objectively produces the results we want. Every bioconservative individual acting in accordance with his own plan is not what works. If a group of construction workers has enough resources only for one house, and each construction worker is following their own architectural plan, then they will certainly fail to build a house. For a group of construction workers to build a proper house, they must all follow the same architectural plan. Any construction worker who is not following the same plan as the rest of the group, would just be wasting precious resources and making a mess. Similarly, if everyone interested in solving a large-scale problem is following their own plan, then no plan will succeed. There is a limited amount of people who care about solving a particular large-scale problem; And the amounts of time, effort, and money those people are willing to spend are limited resources, and the amount of them spent in one place, is the amount of them not spent in another place. Furthermore, a combination of two things can produce a result that is greater than the sum of results that they can produce individually. In physics, this concept is known as synergy. For us bioconservatives to achieve our goal, we must act cohesively. A bulk of us needs to act in accordance with a single high-quality plan. Every individual can decide for himself how to rest and how to play, but how bioconservative activism should be done is not to be decided by individuals. Even a mediocre plan followed by hundred competent people is much more likely to succeed than a great plan followed by one individual. If there is any reader who believes to be in possession of a plan better than the one laid out in this book, he shall use reason to convince his fellow “plan refiners” through a rational discussion. (Contact method can always be found at ) We reject any suicidal morality. Our foremost moral principle is “The means you know don’t work are morally wrong.” For example, if your goal is to read a physical book, then it is morally wrong to try to read it by burning it. If your goal is to unlock a door, then it is morally wrong to try to unlock it by throwing a cat at it. If your goal is to fall asleep, then it is morally wrong to try to fall asleep by playing loud music. It is fine for individuals who wish to sacrifice themselves for the good of their group to do so. When we say we reject suicidal morality, we are referring to the kind of morality that results in a strong disadvantage for the group following it. Nothing is more pointless than preaching to people that they should act against their own best interest. Ideas fall along with human groups who carry them. So any idea that is sabotaging the group carrying it, is self-sabotaging, it is destined to become lost in the ruins of history. Our second moral principle is “Wishful thinking is morally wrong.” Wishful thinking means formation of beliefs based on what might be pleasing to imagine, rather than on evidence and rationality. Unlike new agey people and postmodernists, wishful thinkers might accept that some reality exists independent of anyone’s preferences and perception, but they are not trying to see reality for what it is. They are running away from reality, they are covering their eyes and ears in order to protect their comfortable delusions. They are still takers of the blue pill, to borrow a famous metaphor from the “Matrix” movie. Each course of action has objective consequences, and wishful thinkers will always choose to do what is comfortable, as opposed to what works. Even if they claim to share our goal, they will not behave in a way that objectively gets us closer to achieving our goal. They will behave in a way that is useless or even a hindrance to the bioconservative movement. Our third moral principle is “All artificial genetic modification of other human beings is morally wrong.” This includes the so-called “gene therapy”. We take no issue with individuals who have a serious disease for trying to get appropriate therapy. But anyone who treats them using genetic modification, produces equipment for their genetic modification or finances their genetic modification is worse than a murderer or a rapist in our eyes.