Resistance Protocols


“The greatest obstacle to a revolution is the very belief that such a revolution cannot happen. If enough people come to believe that a revolution is possible, then it will be possible in reality.” – Uncle Ted There is no shortage of people who dislike the system and wish to see the end of it. But the vast majority of those people are not contributing to the end of the system in the amount that their competence allows. Because they lack hope. They lack hope that there are enough people who feel the same way about the system, and lack hope that those who do feel the same way will do their part of the job. The main purpose of the project POSSIBLE, is to inspire hope. To show people who dislike the system that change is possible. To signal to them that there are many others who feel the same way about the system, and are willing to take practical action. How to participate in the project POSSIBLE: 1. Save this link on your computer/phone: 2. Open Solution Makers server 3. Pick a day of the week that you will be able to access internet on. 4. On that day, every week, click channel named “#open-diary” and write “A”. (“A” is short for “All good, nothing to report”) If Discord takes down the DA server at some point, the link to the new server will be available on the web page you saved in step 1. Why dissidents should be directed at project POSSIBLE first, and other projects only later: - Most people are demotivated and lack hope. This project is the one that has the highest potential to show them that there is something going on. - It takes less psychological effort for a human to do something when they see other humans doing it. This project is specifically designed to involve a high number of people at a low time cost. It has the highest potential to efficiently showcase numbers. - We need all the help that we can get. Everyone who has the will and some capacity to contribute, should be made useful. Asking new people to join a more demanding project would intimidate people who are on the lower end of the competency spectrum. - People who do have competency for more demanding projects, might lack the emotional investment in the movement to take on such projects. Making people participate in less demanding projects is a great way to get them feeling invested.