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How to attract a quality woman

1. Look good Your looks indicate the quality of your genetics. A woman can increase her chances of genetic survival by picking a partner that will provide quality care for their children, but the partner can only increase the chances of genetic survival while he is alive. The quality of her partner’s genetics increases a woman’s chances of genetic survival over the course of countless generations. So ultimately, no matter how high the quality of care a man can provide, it does not compensate for the low genetic quality. Your looks must indicate reasonably high genetic quality for women to be attracted to you. 2. Exercise every day Just like your body needs sleep and food, it also needs movement in order to stay healthy. Exercise is not just for building muscles. It balances the hormones and other signals within your body. 3. Show her how well you coordinate with other humans For a human being to survive, the most important skill that they can have is being able to get other human beings to assist them with whatever they are trying to achieve. If a man is not good at hunting, that’s not a problem if others are willing to hunt for him. If a man is not good at picking fruits, that’s not a problem if others are willing to pick fruits for him. Since the ability to coordinate with other human beings is so precious for survival, women are naturally attracted to men who have it. In order for a woman to know that you have a skill, you have to show it to her. When in front of her, have friends help you with something. One of the most common myths on the internet is that women like men who make them laugh. They don’t. Women like men who make other people laugh. When you make a joke, other people are coordinating with you by laughing. If you are not yet close enough with a woman to invite her someplace where there will be other people playing sports with you or working on a project with you, at least have some people that will laugh at your jokes when she is around. 4. Live in a good place There are many women who live in an abusive, stressful, or otherwise unpleasant environment and would like to move to a better place. If your home is in a good location and doesn’t have bothersome people in it, such women will be strongly incentivized to consider you as a partner. 5. Don’t be poor If you are having trouble providing food and other necessities for yourself alone, it’s reasonable to assume that you will not be able to provide well for an entire family. 6. Speak well No one is born as a good speaker. Speaking is a skill that is acquired by practice. The best way to become good at speaking is to read books out loud. This will at the same time provide you with an abundant vocabulary and help you create a vibrant voice. 7. Be clear about what you want If you don’t have a long-term goal yet, set one. Long-term goals can be categorized as career goals, family goals, and political goals. You don’t need to have all 3, but make sure to have at least 1. Career goals should be something specific and measurable, for example, if you are a medical scientist, your goal can be finding a safer cure for a particular disease. If you are an athlete, your goal can be getting a particular medal. Only set a career goal if you really like your job. Political goals are any goals that are meant to benefit a group that includes people who are not your family or close friends. Before you set a political goal, make sure that you can explain well not only why you want to achieve it, but also why other people might oppose your goal, and why their objections should be ignored. Political goals can be phrased somewhat vaguely, like “increasing government transparency” or “improving worker rights”, but you should be able to specify where and in which decade you want it to happen. Family goals are what’s best suited for the majority of people, since most people don’t have a job they are passionate about or a vision for improving their society. When setting a family goal, stick to the following guidelines: - It has to be more than just survival. Saying you will just provide food and medicine for your family is setting the bar too low. The family goal should be something that doesn’t merely keep your people alive, but provides them with advantages in life. - Be clear about who your relevant family is. Is it just your future wife and future children, or do you want your siblings, parents, or close friends to live in the same vicinity? Make sure that your relevant family doesn’t include any enemies. It can only include people who want the best for you and whom you can get along with. - Be specific about the benefits you want to provide for your relevant family. Is it improving your home, accumulating wealth, teaching youngsters your craft, or building a community? Whichever long-term goals you set for yourself, get good at communicating them with determination and confidence. 8. Be somewhat consistent Everyone occasionally changes their taste, and everyone changes their opinions when presented with new relevant evidence. But if you keep telling a woman your tastes and opinions and then changing them soon after, it will annoy her. Women are tired of being constantly swayed by their emotions, and they need something firm to hold on to. 9. Don’t text her during your work time. Making yourself constantly available for her comes off as being too needy and as slacking with your hustle. Also, a woman needs to be given enough time to miss you. Regardless if you are a student or employed, or self-employed, if she texts you during your work hours, reply only after your work hours are done. 10. Explore new places alone When inviting her to spend time together, invite her to a location with which you are somewhat familiar. A woman perceiving you as lost or confused will decrease her attraction for you. She needs to feel at ease with you navigating the team’s movement. You don’t need any unpleasant surprises on your date. 11. When talking to her while standing, move only one leg. Frequently shifting weight from one leg to another is by default interpreted as a sign of nervousness. You want a woman to be calm and comfortable around you, and to achieve that you should signal that you are calm and comfortable. 12. Don’t be open but be completely honest If you don’t want to answer, just tell her that you don’t. But never lie. Lying indicates weakness and cowardice. 13. Express appreciation when she is behaving well Validation is extremely important for women. If she doesn’t get it from you, she will seek it elsewhere. 14. Be a strong leader for her Listen to her opinions and preferences before making a decision that affects both of you. Once you do make a decision, tell it to her and stick to it. Never yield to her nagging. Let her know that she is only allowed to ask you to reconsider your decision when she has new information that might be relevant to your decision. 15. Be prepared to leave her if she crosses the line There will likely be a point when she will try to push your boundaries. If you keep moving your boundaries because you are afraid of losing her, she will lose respect for you. If she keeps pushing your boundaries after you warned her, you have to actually leave. And once you leave, you must not forgive her until she comes up with a serious apology and a promise to not repeat the same mistake. 16. Help her find quality friends Everyone wants to have friends. The best way to keep her away from hanging around with bad people is to introduce her to good people.
written by: useR Yuukimaru